With a lifetime of experience applying outdoor activities to therapeutic settings in forensic childcare, homelessness, youth justice and health, I am now semi-retired and offering coaching and awareness sessions to individuals, families and small groups, primarily on the water in the South & SW UK, Southampton and Exeter.  Landbased or waterbased sessions.

  • 50+ years’ kayaking and sailing experience
  • BCU coach in Sea, Inland & Open Canoe, slalom competition trainer (+6 other NCAs)
  • Sea survival instructor
  • Swimming teacher
  • Climbing instructor
  • Adult education teacher
  • Child safeguarding specialist
  • Solution focused therapist
  • Marine technical writer

Coaching Examples

Safety afloat sessions :  “Expect the best, prepare for the worst”.

Paddle techniques :  How to work with water, flow and mindfulness.

How to teach yourself and others :  Experiential improvement afloat.

On the water but – how?  Sail, motor, SUP, Sit-in/on, sea kayak, canoe?

Ropes : Basic knots for water and land – keeping it simple!

Climbing : Taught sessions and also as safety supervisor including climbing walls.