Welcome to my ‘Toolkit’ page. Throughout my life I have enjoyed working in wood and have done much of my own house maintenance and improvements. I taught woodwork at On Track Education and have applied my skills to renovating my first sailboat back in 1980, a plywood Silhouette 17’; I built my Leisure 23SL from GRP mouldings; rebuilt a Foxcub 18, renovated a 19’er and modified and maintained my Snapdragon 24 and my current Moody 36.

I really enjoy conundrums. How to fit three things into one space or how to hang a 60kilo smartscreen on 3mm plywood. I love to help people to interpret their ideas or solve their problems. I hate repetitive work, so no lawnmowing or mending 6 identical chairs. Though, oddly I really enjoy tiling and pressure washing!

I detest designed in obsolescence and consider it a win-win for me and the planet if I can fix something, especially when I am told that it can’t be repaired. Sometimes I do have to concede though.

I only take on large projects for existing customers. Try me on small jobs first. Money offered up front for materials please.

COVID aware. Face mask can be worn.

So, here are a few of the tasks that I have managed over the years and which I feel like I might do again. But get in touch if anything else comes to mind. I am very good at signposting or saying ‘No!’


My tagline for my work in Surrey was –

Trevor Martin on the Waterlow Estate
– playing with my toolkit in Waterlow Road since 1962*

(*aged 5 in my dad’s shed!)

House & garden EXETER
Boat and kayak WEYMOUTH…

My Services

  • Modest kayak, dinghy and yacht repairs
  • Fencing & decking replacement
  • Shed & summerhouse restoration/repair
  • Branch lopping, turfing
  • Woodstore/shed re-felting
  • Hedge cutting and serious reduction
  • Firewood cut/split/bagged
  • Ivy and other climber removal
  • Path/steps concreting
  • Pressure washing
  • Garden furniture restoration
  • Patio parasol restoration
  • Modest decorating
  • Doorframe replacement
  • Bannister extension and handrails
  • Tiling
  • Small window glazing
  • Small solar projects
  • Window, door & lock restoration & replacement (please note I am not FENSA registered)
  • Period home and marine woodworking restoration projects
  • Constructions in wood, stud walling and plaster-boarding (no good at skim-coating or plastering)
  • Clean rubbish removal and large(ish) item transport to recycle centre or elsewhere


Deckhouses, Emsworth Harbour, Hampshire

Classic project for me. Amazing bijou homes. Wood on steel frames hung from concreted steel piles. Woodclad brick ‘turret’ staircase under. Flat roof. I watched these being built in the 70’s. My family went on to own two of them. They stand up to the elements very well considering, but the bargeboard cladding on the exterior was originally Scot’s pine and on the veranda, directly over an rsj frame. SW or West facing, damp trapped between caused them to rot out from behind with serious surface damage to the steel. The pine acidity probably added to the steel surface giving way.

Various remedies had been tried by owners including more pine, ‘marine’ plywood and plastic (yuk).

My solution was to grind back the flaky steel surface, prime and repaint. Fit nylon spacers to allow the surfaces to dry out. My choice was Idigbo hardwood which I really rate, although sadly it was to be painted, but takes paint and stain well. Then mitre join the corners with my own experimental epoxy joints. The raw cut for the supporting rod brace was to match the previous style and adjoining deckhouses, there being a covenant that external appearance had to remain uniform across the ‘estate’. Hence the black Sadolin finish.

That was all done over 10 years ago and I can report no degradation of surface or joint at all when I visited last year. Idigbo is expensive. For an idea of its natural grain and finish, see the bench restoration photo on these pages.