Somewhere. yesterday
when the whole World was crying
And dry people drowned
there was a place dying
Where the King Of Love was crowned.

A coronet that laced his grin
as the King Of Love, dazed
Laughed his way within
eyes glistened
Bright and glazed

Bottled up and pressurised
fizzed and full of life
watched open streams, despised
the puddles, laying disorganised

Oh, yes, somewhere yesterday I cried
I left a mark upon the skies
For time had played a trick on me
I dadn’t known of where to be

To soon, and yet to late it seams
the window pane so wet it gleams
As thunder brushed by lightning stroke
beats around my darkened cloak

A copper line to somewhere close
not so close as today
Just sometime, somewhere

Peasants lay in furrowed fields
and upon their shoulders, time congeals
Where dollars fight prevailing wars
and time will cease to heal deaths sores
a place that’s falsely odour-free
for aerosols have ceased to be.

I fly alone on wings of time
over lands where God’s resigned
where destiny has pleased for
love that cares, that can restore
The damage left by those who won
a war that left no man a son.

A love of such a powerful kind
could not arrive to soon in time
And strength would be its very own
seeds of life and will be sewn
In furrows carved by those before
the time they craved for total war.

(Circa 1975).
Sadly poignant now in the escalating conflicts of Ukraine, Gazza, Yemen, Korea, Afghanistan and many more.