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The story of a time when reality became truth
and truth the illusion of life…..

Hunched up on the paving stone
I threw away thew want to live
For, as I had reached the golden ‘phone
the slush-strewn road had turned to cliff.

For someone had pushed me there
that person had no face.
Like the abyss, now below
one step, and I’d leave no trace.

Or could it be it’s all illusion
the lines are those upon the road
Just shadows which elude their tone
or are the lines those of corrosion

Bored from the face of life
simply cast by lost emotion?
The depths survive, that I may fall


But reality seems juxtaposed
and illusions of falling
Turn to stone.

Now I’m beyond days hand of light
for these are not the dreams.
Now I feel illusion’s dead
I wave my feet over the edge.

And get them wet, but instead
of shattering intaglio thoughts
It’s not the dreams, but
the reality which then distorts

There was no answer, so I went home
and slept, or awoke
So which is it now?

No-face passed me by.

(Written after sitting on a wet pavement having split up with my girlfriend and not sleeping for days!)