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Rainbow Oasis

Ref : 46.1

Oasis by Rainbow.
4400mm Interesting yellow kayak.
Obtained with one hatch, no bulkheads. Sawtooth footrest. ‘Webbing’ backrest.

Now fitted out as follows:

Closed cell foam front and back
2 waterproof bulkheads
2 hatches
Rigid deck lines. Deck elastics for maps.

Adjustable footrests available as an option at cost.
Padded backrest available as an option at cost.

It has a good raked bow for its length so should ride well in modest wave. Suit up to medium adult. Especially those long in the leg! Ideal for touring canal/river/harbour/near-beach-modest-sea – certainly a ‘straight-line’boat’. Not a sea kayak so not for offshore or fruity conditions or nasty tidal currents! That would need a proper sea kayak.