X-Scotland #2 Day 1 – PM

Jun 4, 2024

CallanderDay 1 PM

Having got out at the first road bridge down stream of Vennacher to recce the falls below, I concluded that with more water and were I not paddling solo, I would have shot them – albeit with some very nifty steering! Not today though. So, wheels? Didn’t bring them on this trip! So, time out to buy some wheels and a clothes rail. Add 2 jubilee clips, foam and straps…walked the Animus 2 mile down the road and pretty valley path to Callander. Then walked back. Then paddled upstream as far as I could which wasn’t far against current and too shallow to get a grip on the water. Hmmm. Lochs were big with big issues. Clearly this rivers idea is going to be testy at first!