X-Scotland #2 – Rubbish!

Jun 14, 2024


Well, much of this leg #2 was through unpopulated areas so I guess I could have expected less dross in the water? But sadly it just turned out that it was different and bigger dross. First item collected was from just below Venachar Dam – an agricultural/builders ‘hippo’ bag. Then I passed another I could not free from the waterside trees. I rescued a midi version and some plastic fencing from just above Callander. See feature photo – yes that is my kayak underneath!

That all got taken to Callander Recycle Centre. A mile south of Doune, I gave an entire plastic roof a miss! Maybe belonged to a carport or shed. I passed another hippo bag that I was just too busy to get to. Sadly I turned down the offer of collecting another bag and a dead and rotting lamb both hanging on a branch over the water. Oh, and my first abandoned bike. Then it was ok until the approach to Stirling where I collected a lilo and a light football. Stirling? Bikes! What is it with the Stirling folk throwing pedal bikes and supermarket trolleys into the river? Is it a proud local sport? The run from Stirling to Alloa just offered crisp packets and fizzy drink bottles but relatively few. All of it sooo sad. One walker kindly offered to take stuff off me and a trip to Alloa Recycling Centre sorted most of the rest.