X-Scotland #2 – Day 7 – The end.

Jun 14, 2024

Day 7 – The end

Obviously no photos as conditions deteriorated. Only realised when close to the Crombie piers that I could go under them near-ish the outward ends. Couldn’t see Charlestown harbour until another mile on. But I knew it was there! So glad when it came into view in the drizzle and failing light. Only 1900! I had wasted time on my detour at Newmills, making this a 2hr run. 100 metres from the entrance I could see the little sandy beach at the eastern end of the harbour where dinghies still launched and there was….water!!! A little stream running into the harbour had allowed gravel to be exposed so I hopped out onto …gravel!!! Phew! Done. Changed of clothes. Walked up to pub for a celebratory drink and, as planned, got taxi back to collect car. Bus services don’t exist back towards Culross/Stirling from here and often stop at 1600 anyway. By the time i got back to collect the kayak – no water in harbour at all and I am not sure there is a deep channel to the entrance anymore anyway!