X-Scotland #2 – Day 6

Jun 14, 2024

Day 6

Culross to South Alloa and North Alloa. Yes, up river again for the same reasons as the last leg. In the morning I left the car at Alloa and got a bus back to Culross. I rigged the Grey Seal with lines from the bow and foredeck eye and also from the cockpit seat side for the impending egress at Alloa up the steel ladder. Watched the rising pm tide carefully at Culross as it flooded the muds to something solid. That said, I had to move the kayak twice between setting it down near the waters edge and the time it took to finish packing – 4 minutes?! Kincardine Bridge (The old Forth Road Bridge) & Clackmannanshire Bridge with 2+ knot flood tide. Water started to narrow. No longer estuary. Into the sweeping bends in the sunshine! No pics as camera ran out of juice so bridges pic taken later. Arrived at South Alloa where I had set off to Stirling the day before. Wind increasing and quite a wave. Crossed over to Alloa on the industrial north bank in a rather fast broad ferry glide against the waves and tide. So glad I had rigged the lines on the kayak. Bit bouncy against the wharf but got up the ladder in a ‘mindful’ way and hauled the kayak up after me and over the safety barrier. Raining heavily. Soaked. Stripped off in car into dry clothes. So glad I had put car there in the morning ready for my return! Still no hotel rooms available though! So back to Culross estuaryside carpark.