X-Scotland #2 – Day 5

Jun 13, 2024

Day 5. So, change of topography, water and back to the Old Grey Seal. The Forth is tidal to Stirling and runs at about 2 knots at times. But the sides are very shallow. Which means that in the time it takes you to paddle 10 miles, albeit with the ebb tide flow, the water has receded so far at your destination – that you are up to 300 metres from the sides and cant get out! As it is VERY silty. So, on a mid to late pm tide – you would be stuck out there for the night!!! So, I had to be a bit less purist. If I had a support tender to take me into Grangemouth – maybe – but I haven’t. So, I decided to paddle the route in reverse. South Alloa (on the southern bank) to Stirling on the rising tide. Impossible to launch at Alloa or anywhere on the heavily industrialised north bank. One 15′ steel ladder, 10 metres from the water/silt margin! Launched from a ladies bungalow garden and got to Stirling following its very meandering path. Twice+ the distance A-B on the map. So good to be back in the sea kayak! Got back to Stirling Rowing Club just as it started lashing down. Took a taxi from the bus station to collect the car. A night in the car. I forgot to notice that it was a bank holiday weekend and all the hotels I tried were full! A good day.