X-Scotland #2 – Day 4

Jun 13, 2024

Day 4

Doune to Stirling

I drove to Stirling to check out the egress points – none found – except Stirling Rowing Club. Luckily for me, the night before I had read a blog about a guy who paddled Doune to Stirling and Dave of Stirling Rowing Club very graciously gave me permission. Thanks Dave. I had noticed that the topography of the area was a lot flatter, the river running through a broadening valley. I made the distance to the first road bridge outside Stirling in 90 minutes including stops for photo-taking and …..more plastics removal from the river. Much easier to paddle but quite a current for the first half. The broken weir and railway bridge supports half way down was simple but I was glad that I had read to go left bank as it wasn’t that obvious from the water on approach. Left the Animus above the club steps and walked to the bus station, only 10 minutes away to retrieve the car. Just missed the rain. Last night at the Lion & Unicorn. So pleased that I hadn’t quit after the Day 2 ‘challenges’.