X-Scotland #2 – day 3

Jun 13, 2024

Day 3

I realised that I just didn’t have it in me to paddle today. maybe its an age thing. Maybe being rusty. But parts of yesterday kinda freaked me out and I knew that I was lucky not to have pulled my soaked self across fields after misadventure. It’s a very different thing paddling solo on technical and much of the time isolated water. There is a vulnerability to it and the constant mindfulness balanced with confidence necessary to ‘flow’ successfully is mentally ruddy exhausting. I drove back to Doune Bridge and made a note of the water level which was a tad lower than the day before! The weather forecast was for rain today so that might help for maybe tomorrow? I walked the path downstream to visit Doune Castle which is a real gem. The famous Monty Python scene with the French leaning over the battlements shouting at Arthur and his knights was shot here as was the film Outlander. Walked down the riverside a bit to look at shallow rapids and islets.