X-Scotland #2 – along the way

Jun 15, 2024

Notable places and sights report. In no geographical order.
Culross – all of it. Including the Culross Palace (NT).
Doune Castle and riverside walk
Approaching the 3 bridges at Stirling appearing interlaced each behind the next.
The roadsign – “cyclist friendly” – so all the other roads are ? Probably not!
The valley above Callander and riverside walk, site of old Roman fort earthworks
The little chapel just upstream of Callander by the river.

Charlestown Harbour and limekilns. So tranquil but in a decaying way. Sad and profound. A study in how times change; how nature can and will absorb industrialisation given time. The photos speak for themselves. I could put up a photographic exhibition of the many photos I took or could have taken in different light.