Trossachs – Viking route Day 5 – Loch Venachar

Dec 13, 2023

Back ache but press on in glorious sunshine after a brief rest on the north shore, yes, jumping up and down munching a choccy wafer. Paddled down to the Venachar dam at the East end and out on a little ‘beach’ in the southeast corner. Given a lift by some coldwater swimmers to the ‘main’ road. Three cars later a van stopped. Then another 3 cars later, a car from DORSET! – gave me a lift back to my car. Collected Seal. Loosing the light, drove through Callander and headed for the motorways.

That’s it for this year. My back agrees! And the weather is set to deteriorate. (5 days later it was reported as minus 11 degrees and snow!) Venachar dam was an obvious place to stop as it marks the last of the lochs. River from Calander to the Forth Road Bridge. The first bit fio which is twisty with falls, so that I might do my using my creek boat next year (or portage Seal around), but will need to complete the lowland river in Seal due to the distances and lack of out-points and road connections. Hopefully there will be some bus services!

That’s it for 2023.