Trossachs – Viking route Day 4

Dec 13, 2023

Cloudy and moody morning. Selected the best hours for the task 11-2 and launched Seal at Trossachs Pier. Paddled to the wharf that I visited the night before so that I could say that I did paddle Seal from Stronachlar to Trossachs Pier, albeit in two legs. And of course, annoyingly that I had to paddle there and back as no ferries and no path on the shorter side. The longer side path was over 15 miles long! So it was that I paddled up AND down. Back ache. Hard to overcome. Not sure about continuing. On return, I trollied Seal down to Loch Achray having been warned about the very rocky steep rapids on the river connecting the lochs. Then strolled back up to Trossachs Pier. Tired. Very snug second night in the log cabin. No photos on the water this day. Too rainy.