Odyssey Innovation – a must read

Jul 4, 2024

I have been keeping track of Robs work at Odyssey Innovation for a while now. He stood on a beach looking at a pile of binbags full of plastic waste collected by himself and fiends on kayaks, (just like I do), and mused how sad that it will all go to landfill. He pondered whether it could be made back into kayaks which could then be tasked to collect more…..plastic. And that is exactly what he has done. Recognise the names Islander, Fatyak, Fiesta? Now all on the market from Rob’s plastics and more products. See the article on the link below. Jump onto his website to see how his business has broadened to tackle fishing net waste and working within industry. Catch up with his Paddle For Plastic project.

Canoestore working with Odyssey

Unless it gets too popular (?!), I am offering to accept polyethylene kayaks that need to be scrapped. I will strip and cut them into the required size pieces for processing. Then take them to Odyssey for recycling.

Ring me to arrange to drop off your kayak at:

1. Canoestore DT4 in Weymouth. 2) EX4 in central Exeter. 3. BS4 in Bristol.

Here is Rob’s story:

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