Loch Lomond – day 2

Sep 23, 2023

Weather changing and not in a good way. Forecasted winds SW/W 30 kts with a nasty weather front spiralling across the Irish Sea overnight. Which I spent in very nice pub accommodation at Balloch, south end of the loch. By next morning the front looked to be moving just south of Lomond, by a smidgen, so I decided to paddle the North end of Lomond first which, albeit could have a long wave generated on it from the south (behind me), was much narrower so maybe more protected and a slightly shorter distance. So I waited for a break in the rain at Tarbet, then off to Ardlui at the northernmost end. Visibility was awful most of the time, but winds? 0-5kts, flat calm surface. Rescued a traffic cone and a half-submerged pink inflatable kayak/lilo on the way. Urghhhh, PLASTICS litter in our precious waters! Hitched a lift from Sean and Ingrid to get the car. Thanks guys! Got wetter waiting for a lift than the entire paddle. Bucketing down and winds rising. Then back to Luss to contemplate doing the South end of Lomond which is much more exposed.