Loch Lomond Day 2 – plus

Sep 23, 2023

With a threatening sky, rain and 10kt wind, I erred on the side of setting off, but might retreat when ‘out there’. South Lomond is very wide (8km) and the winds were not SW/W at all, they were S in my face. First third was increasingly lumpy into wind and wave so i took to sneaking up behind islands rather than follow the West coast which was at times surprisingly shallow and offered no protection at all. Just breaking waves! My assumption at the time was that the last third would be increasingly protected by Balloch and a wider, lower surrounding geography proved correct. So the last 3 miles were grey but quite agreeable. It rained the whole trip and again, visibility very poor. So much so that It was hard to identify the islands from headlands and for 10 minutes or so, I navigated by wave-set as I couldn’t see anything. So, very few photos in those conditions! Must get a compass fitted! I get it now! Even if it is only a lake! Hitched a lift back to Luss. Weather really deteriorating. On the return drive south on the M74/M6 I was forced to drive 40-50mph for hours. Awful conditions (later reported as 75mph winds). By 2200 I gave up and immersed myself in a hotel bath. (Hey, I am feeling my age!)